Tri-Valley Janitorial was founded in 1976 by Cheri Kurl. Over the first two years most of the work was done hands on by Mrs. Kurl and family members. It was at this time Mrs. Kurl began to understand how to grow Tri-Valley Janitorial in a sustainable manageable way. She would find the right people first then find a building for them. This allowed her to empower the people. Find her great workers and she will find them work. Operating for the first ten years on the premise that people who want to work will give your clients the best service helped Tri-Valley Janitorial navigate through the learning curve of mastering a new trade.

In the second decade for Tri-Valley Janitorial with a team of eager service professionals Mrs. Kurl pursued a market of facilities requiring 7 day a week service with day porters. This market was more demanding and required better lines of communication. So it was with that Tri-Valley Janitorial went to daily 4:00 p.m. meetings with the field supervisors to cater to the daily needs that arise with this market. Even with all the advances in communication technology that daily meeting is still in effect today.

In the third decade of operation Tri-Valley Janitorial saw business growth double. A large reason for this boom was the ever changing facilities managers as construction and new companies moved into the bay area. As a testament to our service, facilities managers who relocated often took Tri-Valley Janitorial with them. It was also during this time that Mrs. Amy Giamona became a fifty percent owner and infused a host of new ideas and visions for Tri-Valley Janitorial. Such as bringing sub-contracted work in house, like windows and floors. This is also the decade Tri-Valley Janitorial became a recognized Women Business Enterprise National Council Member (WBENC) and a Small Local Emerging Business (SLEB).

As Tri-Valley Janitorial embarks on a fourth decade of service we look forward to hearing even more feed back with our new e-mailed evaluation cards for valuable feedback from your employees. Tri-Valley Janitorial also intends to lead the way in green cleaning advancements to provide the best service with the least amount of environmental impact. Tri-Valley Janitorial is also pursuing contractor licensing in drywall repair, painting, and select other trades that would make us a complete solution for your building maintenance.

With more than eighty percent of our customers being with us in excess of ten years we look forward to the opportunity to earn your business and bring you into our family. We guarantee your satisfaction we are in business because of you and for you!