Hiring professional cleaning services to perform nightly cleaning scopes for your business will provide you with many benefits. In most cases, the money you save by hiring someone else will far outweigh the cost of the service. Our nightly cleaning scopes go above and beyond regular cleaning. We offer full cleaning services for office areas, conference rooms, lunch rooms & kitchen areas, restroom areas, stairways, elevator lobbies, public corridors, elevators, exam rooms, and lab areas. Here are three reasons to hire Tri Valley Janitorial:

Less Hassle

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a professional office cleaning services is to eliminate the stress and hassle of handling it yourself. Hiring someone else to take care of your company’s cleaning needs relieves you of the burden of hiring and supervising a janitorial staff.


Hiring someone else to handle the cleaning at your business also means a cleaner facility. Commercial janitorial services handle nothing but cleaning and sanitizing. They don’t have to worry about answering phones or handling administrative tasks around the office. They focus on making your office shine.


It is more convenient to hire outside cleaning services. You can schedule the services after your business has closed for the day.This saves money since it will take less time to clean a facility when it is empty. You can put your mind at ease that your staff will not be distracted during office hours. Productivity increases with a cleaner office so not only will  you save money but you will make more money too.