Tri-Valley Janitorial exists to make your facilities reflect your company’s professionalism and exacting standards. With a diligent work ethic, superior communication, and meticulous hard work Tri-Valley Janitorial has performed for over 38 years and will continue to educate ourselves and set the standard for our industry.

Mrs. Cheri Kurl

Mrs. Cheri Kurl founded Tri-Valley Janitorial with the single thought that janitorial can be done better. Mrs. Kurl was managing a local bank in 1974 being unsatisfied with the janitorial provider; she relieved the existing company of the responsibility and took it on herself. One account led to another which allowed Mrs. Kurl to pursue Tri-Valley Janitorial service & supply full time. She and her daughter Amy began the arduous task of building a company that would stand the test of time. Thirty eight years later Tri-Valley Janitorial have cleaned over a billion square feet, servicing an array of facilities from airports to laboratories.

When asked what she would account for her longevity?

“Listen to your customers and respond quickly. Understand your customer’s needs and anticipate them. Most importantly I never kept a partner who did not have the same passion and work ethic our family has. When you find those people you keep them, we take care of them, and we make them apart of our family this is also the way I feel about our clients”

Cheri Kurl

Founder and CEO

Mrs. Amy Giamona

Mrs. Giamona’s professional experience was hands on from the start. Whether helping with nightly cleaning service responsibilities, making unscheduled supply deliveries, or working evening supervising shifts the job at hand was always of the up most important. This attitude and commitment would lead to a partnership with Mrs. Kurl. Now sharing the responsibilities of Tri-Valley Janitorial’s future growth, direction, and sustainability Mrs. Giamona’s twenty active years of experience and fresh perspective has helped ascend Tri-Valley Janitorial into one of the most successful commercial janitorial services in California. Mrs. Giamona continuously educates herself on the latest products and value engineered services available to her clients. This education in turn allows her clients to meet the most rigid of standards and budget requirements while maintaining the exceptional service expected.

When asked where does she see Tri-Valley Janitorial in the next 35 years?

“I believe we will have evolved to be the best most complete janitorial service providing a multitude of services while leaving a minimal footprint on our environment”

Amy Giamona