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Janitorial Service

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Tri Valley Janitorial will customize your commercial cleaning service to meet the most discerning property management firms, facility managers, and building owners in commercial, institutional and industrial markets.

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Let our professional window cleaners keep your views, partitions, and glass walls clean and free of streaks. Monthly, quarterly or annual cleanings available.

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Our floor care professionals are fully trained, experienced and knowledgeable. Tri-Valley Janitorial provides the most up to date floor cleaning products, machines and services.

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with a Commitment to Your Health and Satisfaction

Our customized professional commercial cleaning services will ensure that your place of business looks professional and inviting. Tri-Valley Janitorial Services is committed to keeping your facility looking immaculate while improving employee health and visiting customers first impressions. Tri-Valley Janitorial exists to make your facilities reflect your company’s professionalism and exacting standards. With a diligent work ethic, superior communication, superior office cleaning services and meticulous hard work Tri-Valley Janitorial has performed for over 38 years and will continue to educate ourselves and set the standard for our industry.

Tri-Valley Janitorial Provides innovative and specialized solutions, enabling you to complete your projects. One phone call or email will promptly be returned with solutions to your needs.

Customer Satisfaction is critical to Tri-Valley Janitorial’s success and longevity in a competitive market. Tri-Valley Janitorial communicates with clients and we cultivate happy employees that provide excellent service.

Tri-Valley Janitorial is proud of our 38 years servicing not only the Tri-Valley area but the bay area as well.

Tri-Valley Janitorial offers innovative and knowledgeable customer service support for all your facility needs. Tri-Valley Janitorial can help guide you to sustainable cleaning solutions.

Tri Valley Janitorial is professionals serving professionals for over thirty eight years. Our commitment to providing you with the best possible service and communication is unparalleled.

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Products and services that have a lesser or reduced effect on human health and the environment when compared with competing products and services that serve the same purpose.

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